SCBD Youth Company

SCBD Youth Company

Celebrating the SCBD Youth Company’s 8th season of bringing the art of dance into the heart of New Braunfels and its families!

Introducing the SCBD Youth Company!

This year we will be presenting a livestream worship event in the fall, and Cinderella in the spring!

Formed in 2013, the purpose of the SCBD Youth Company is to preserve and promote the art of classical ballet in the New Braunfels area by providing quality training and exciting performance opportunities.  It is our goal to keep these productions reasonably priced, in order to give a larger portion of our community the opportunity to experience classical ballet productions.

The SCBD Youth Company is co-directed by sisters, Brittany Barry and Elizabeth Docter, composed of young local artists training at the School of Classical Ballet and Dance, and is dedicated to continuing to bring the art of dance into the heart of New Braunfels and its families.

Youth Company is by audition or invitation only. You must be a current SCBD student, and in Level 4 Ballet or above. Students, if you are not in this level yet, and dream of being in Youth Company… continue to do your best in class and you will soon grow into your dreams.

Past Performances: