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  • Rehearsals for Vivaldi's "the Four Seasons" will begin on Saturday, January 21st!  (schedule below))

  • Youth Company ticket requirement posted to accounts and due Feb. 1st. Thank you! 

  • We are excited to get started! 

Spring Rehearsal schedule

  • Specific rehearsal schedule will be posted 2 weeks out. :) 

  • Please plan on Saturdays within the 12:30-4:00pm time frame.  

  • We are going to try and keep rehearsals on just Saturdays, with the occasional Friday.

  • Note: there will be rehearsal on Wednesday, April 5th as we will be off for Easter weekend. :)

  • As our rehearsal season is shorter with only 12 weeks of rehearsals, only 2 rehearsal absences will be allowed.

Thank you! We're excited to begin Vivaldi's "the Four Seasons"... art in motion! 

Saturday, January 21st
12:30-3:30 Summer Movement 1

Saturday, January 28th
12:30-1:45 Summer Movement 2 [classroom B]
12:30-2:00 Summer Movement 1 [classroom A]

2:00-3:30 Summer Movement 3 [classroom A]



Saturday, February 4th

12:30-3:30 Full Company

Saturday, February 11th

12:30-3:30 Full Company

(No rehearsal February 18th. We're doing great!)

Saturday, February 25th:

12:30-3:30 Full Company




Friday, March 3rd:

4:45-7:15  Dancers Levels 5, 5/6, & 6

Saturday, March 4th:

12:30-3:30 Full Company

Friday, March 10th:

4:45-7:15 Full Company

Saturday, March 11th:

12:30-3:30 Full Company


(SPRING BREAK: no classes/rehearsals March 12-19)

Friday, March 24th:

4:45-5:45 Level 4

5:30-7:15 Levels 5, 5/6, & 6

Saturday, March 25th:

12:30-3:30 Full Company

Friday, March 31st:

4:45-5:45 Level 4

5:30-7:15 Levels 5, 5/6, & 6

Saturday, April 1st:

12:30-3:30 Full Company


WEDNESDAY, April 5th:

5:45-8:15 Levels 5, 5/6, & 6 in Studio A.  

6:30-8:15 Level 4 in Studio A.

~Easter Break.  Studio closed Thursday-Sunday.~

Friday, April 14th:

4:45-6:00 Level 4

5:30-7:30 Levels 5, 5/6, & 6

Saturday, April 15th:

12:30-4:00 Full Company

SHOW WEEK at the New Braunfels Civic Center

  • Monday, April 17th: Dress Rehearsal
  • check-in by 4:30.  Rehearsal starts at 5pm. We aim to run show twice through, and dismiss by 9pm.  (We hope to dismiss earlier than 9pm)
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday, April 18th, 19th & 20th: SHOWS
  • Check-in by 5pm.  Instructor-led warm up in Ballroom at 5:15 sharp. Attendance will be taken prior to beginning, and attending warm-up is mandatory. We want our dancers warm, safe, and ready to perform their best.  Dressed & ready by 6:15pm. Doors open 6:15pm. Show starts 7pm! :)

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